Flamingo Day Out

My submission for the Talenthouse Contest “Dream in Colours” by Billabong Girls Europe (July 2013)

The project was a good training for me in photography and desktop publishing as it sometimes seems to be a looong way from the material over different layouts to the final version…My intention was to show the product but in a more subtle way. Ideally, I just discovered the the flamingo pedalo in town. THIS was inviting, as on the T-Shirt is a flamingo print. The photos were taken with a DSRL Sony Alpha 550 + SIGMA DC 18-200 1:3,5-6.3 and light situation was not ideal for an amateur in photography like me…The sun was already quite high, many grey clouds and a pedalo always having its own live moving around on the water… However, I think the light in the model’s hair turned out to be suiting the theme around colours quite well.

*No flamingos or ducks were hurt during this shooting :-)

Voting starts on 17th July and ends on 24th July 2013. You can vote via sms, facebook or twitter here, thank you!

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